The End is Near 08/13/2007

The sky is green.  There is a flickering red light in the distance- I think the Firebringers are coming.

And the WindWalkers have deserted us; we're locked inside the Needle.  Christine and I are terrified.  What are we supposed to do now?

The interdimensional contact quantifiable # is being unreliable.  If I don't speak to you all again, just know that you've done all you can.  I'm so sorry things had to turn out like this.

Try to convince Erica that she needs to save everyone...  She can't just let things happen on the path they have been set.  She needs to change things, to not let an injustice of this magnitude occur. 

She needs to save the world.

Thank you for all your help.

Yours until the end of time,

Colby and Christine

Explanation 08/11/2007

This is Christine, all.  Everyone's asleep, so I thought I'd come up here and blog for you all to know what's happening.

Yesterday, when we signed off so quickly, it was because I had to go talk to Colby.  Someone suggested that my baby (so I guess he told you our secret) might not be his.  And that sort of sent shockwaves through both of us... we could feel the tension in the room like triple.

So we went.  And we talked.  And we talked.  And we talked.  And he's fine with it maybe not being his.  He agrees that it's kind of quick for it to be his... I mean, we've only been together for maybe a month and a half, and we've only been together for about half that.  So... whoever said the baby is Chet's is probably right.

Which is a bummer.  Because I hate Chet with all my heart.

So, things in Unton.  Not going so great.  We're trying to befriend the Firebringers, to stall them and make them realize that enslaving the human race isn't such a great idea.  We want you guys to contact the Chosen One.  The Prophecy of Stars said that there will be a short time before the Chosen One will accept their destiny, so if you haven't heard back from this Erica chick (whom I also hate with all my heart, for what she did to Colby) then that's probably why.

But as soon as you hear anything, we need to know.  The WindWalkers have been working all sorts of technological magic here, and they think they might be able to hold this alternate reality together for another few days.  But then, things are going to snap back to your current dimension, and the Firebringers will be able to strike.

One last thing- we think we've figured out why Bob was meeting with the Firebringers.  We found a transmission of his, that he sent to the Firebringer home planet- turns out he sympathized with them and he was considering turning us over to the other side.  And now I'm thanking whatever God there is that Torment crushed him flat.

So I've got to go see why the Needle is all quiet-like.  It's the stillest it's been since we got here.  So something's probably up.

Later, all you Alien Hunter peoples.


I'm signed in.  My Interdimensional Contact Quantifiable # is active.

Contact me if you can.

Contact Failed 08/09/2007

Well, Joe had me online for the past forty-five minutes, and no one contacted me.

I'm sorry, but I can't type any more... The Firebringers have been all over the needle, and it wouldn't surprise me if they were trying to figure out what we're planning.  But Joe has assured me that the Interdimensional Contact Quantifiable # is secure.  So that's where I'll need to contact you.

I met with Gabriel...

Gah.  I can't tell you about that now.



i will be online later today.  i am meeting with gabriel and when it is over joe has promised me that i'll be able to contact all my alien hunters.  i just want you all to know, i'm fine.  things are so much different than i had thought.  more later.


... it was like we had stepped into the Twilight Zone.

Here's why- nothing was different.  It was exactly like the Unton we just left; standing in the middle of the street with Bob, we could see the motel we had left, the Kroger down the street... it was all there, with one difference.  Here, there were people.

People drove up and down the streets, walked on the sidewalks, and shopped at stores.  Obviously, this was different than what we had heard.  Supposedly, they were all stuck in their houses.  I turned to Bob to ask him and I saw that we had been joined by someone else.  It was another WindWalker, who was blue whereas Bob was green.  He held out a long, spindly hand, which ended in a two-fingered claw, and I took it gently.

"Hello, Colby," he said.  His voice was very soothing.  "I am called (insert low growling, groaning, clicking here).  But you may call me Joe."

First Bob, now Joe.  Christine and I looked at each other, trying not to laugh; I think we probably should have been terrified, but we really weren't.  It was normal.  The WindWalkers are very soothing beings; I don't know why the Agent: Darkness wants to kill them all.  That seems so wrong to me.

We walked down the street, staring around in awe.  The people around us didn't seem to notice the two gangly aliens walking with us... they simply just didn't see them.  As we walked toward the center of town, where I remembered the police station as having been located, we realized that there was something different.  A gigantic silver needle stuck up in the center of town.  The people just walked around it, like they were in a trance, but Bob and Joe led us right through a small circular door in the bottom.

There were many other WindWalkers in the needle; it seemed like this was their headquarters.  They took us to a small room at the top of the needle, which was filled with computers.  Bob sat down and STUCK HIS HAND INTO THE COMPUTER, closed his eyes, and said, "It is ready for you."  I sat in the chair (which Bob had used just like people do) and looked at the screen, and I found it open to this page.  So, I wrote the entry that I put up last night.

After he led me away, we left the needle.  Christine hung on me; she's been very tired ever since we found out she's pregnant.  (There.  Our secret.  Are you happy?  She's going to kill me when she finds out I told you...  she's sleeping now.)  Bob took us back toward the motel where we had been staying, and where he had "parked" the orb.  We climbed back inside.

As we flew over Unton, Bob explained where we were going.  He said he was meeting with the leader of the Firebringers, and he wanted us to come, because we were going to be the ones to lead the world to the Chosen.  He said we wouldn't be actually talking with the leading Firebringer, whom he called Torment. 

Christine was terrified, but I told her that it would be fine.  But I was afraid myself.

The orb landed on a hill exactly like the one I'd seen in my dreams for so very long.  (Has it really only been a little over a month?)  There was a huge being there.  Huge.  It must have been two stories tall...  easily as big as the building I work in back in Clover. 

It was red, and it was ON FIRE.  Its back was flaming, and its eyes were bright orange.  It looked something like a giraffe, but not quite. 

Bob got out of the orb and walked up to Torment.  Christine and I stared out of the window as he started to talk with the Firebringer.  But we couldn't hear anything.

Torment seemed to grow angry; his flames shot higher up into the sky and his eyes narrowed.

Then, as Christine and I looked on, and the sounds of the other WindWalkers in the ship behind us rose into a terrifying fury, Torment rose up on his hind legs and came down on Bob, who was instantly crushed.

-Joe needs me to go see to Christine; apparently she's having nightmares that they say actually aren't coming from the WindWalkers.  Sorry to skip out now, but I will write more later tonight.


Hello.  This is Colby.

I'm in shock.  I really am... there's no other way to describe it.  It's simply... amazing.  Awesome.  Shocking.

Last night (at least, I think it was last night... things have been so strange this past week) Christine and I lay down in our bed, in the motel we had been staying at since we'd arrived in Unton.  We told each other we simply HAD to fall asleep, or the Windwalkers wouldn't be able to get to us.  They ahd all kinds of instructions in their email... special things we had to do to "prepare" us for the switch.

Well, no sooner had we started talking about everything than we both fell fast asleep.

I had the weirdest dreams.  I was standing on the hill, surrounded by grass and trees and leaves and feathers, but flying toward me was a large red orb.  It landed on the ground, and out stepped an alien.

The only way I can describe the Windwalkers is... they're beautiful.  They're vaguely humanoid, but I only say that because they walk on two legs and have two arms.  However, they're tall and gangly... they remind me of spiders, almost.  And their faces are humanoid, as well, but more attractive than anything you've ever seen on a man or a woman.

And here's the amazing part- they can fly.  They have small, leaf-like pads on their feet that they use to catch the breeze, and they just... soar!

So anyway.  Christine and I were both there, in the dream, speaking with this Windwalker.  He introduced himself, said his name was some gutteral thing we couldn't hope to pronounce, and told us we could call him Bob instead. 

We got into the spaceship, which was also amazing.  It was like stepping onto a cruise ship, and yet we were just inside that little orb.  There had to be some sort of multi-dimensional thing going on... I don't mean dimension like we've moved into a different dimension than the other Unton was, I mean like 4 or 5-dimensional space.  Because there's no way that much stuff fit into that orb in 3D space.

The ride was really short... in fact, I'm not sure we actually went anywhere.  Bob was the only Windwalker we saw on the ship, although we could hear the utterings and groanings of the others.  It was really eerie.

And then we landed in Unton, and it was like we had stepped into the Twilight Zone.

-Agh, gotta go.  I WILL write more soon... and Bob is talking about getting me set up with a new AIM screen name that will work inter-dimensionally.  We're going to meet with someone Bob says is crucial to defeating the Firebringers.  I don't know if it's Gabriel; every time we mention him, Bob's gorgeous face (wow, did I just write that?) looks really pained.  But as far as I know, he forgot to take his Bean-O.

-Colby (and Christine says hi too.)