You Have Done Well

"Alien Hunters": 

You have done exactly as we hoped.  In contacting the Chosen and making her aware of her destiny, you have sent humanity down exactly the path we had hoped.

Yesterday, around 12:40 pm, the United States government led a systematic extermination of the entire town of Unton.  All who were in the town at the time were killed, effectively eliminating the threat to our mission posed by the race of extraterrestrials known as Firebringers.

We know we deceived you, and yet we feel no remorse.

The first stage of the Windwalker infiltration of Earth is now complete.

There is another world...

Beyond this place, beyond this life, there is more.

Have you ever looked at the sky and wondered... why?

There is a world beyond our own.  A world of sun and stars.  A world beyond this petty life...

And if you can find the path, the journey will be rewarding.

Do not doubt.  Do not question.  Just follow...

The path to the stars.